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  • Citrix Cloud (DaaS) Documentation Script V1.26 (FINAL update by Webster)

    June 23, 2023

    Citrix Cloud

    Version 1.26 23-Jun-2023

    Updated 30-Jun-2023 with information from Citrix that they gave me permission to include.

    It has been an honor and a privilege to provide this script to you since 21-Sep-2020.  Shane O’Neill, this script is now all yours.

    • In version 1.26, I am commenting out the catalog and machine VDA Upgrade  Service sections because the Get-VusCatalogInfo and Get-VusMachineInfo  cmdlets were not supposed to be made public. I added them to this script 11  months ago and now Citrix removed the cmdlets.
    • Added Computer policy
      • Profile Management\Advanced settings\Disable defragmentation for VHD  disk compaction
      • Profile Management\Advanced settings\Enable user-level policy settings
      • Profile Management\Advanced settings\Set priority order for user groups
      • VDA Data Collection\Security\Clipboard place metadata collection for  Security monitoring
      • Added to Function OutputZoneSiteView:
        • Valid Edge Servers?
        • Healthy? (Is the Zone healthy?)
        • Primary? (Is the Zone the Primary Zone? There can (should) only be one  Primary Zone.)
        • Information from Citrix.
        • 1. What is a valid edge server?
        • “HasValidEdgeServers” is a property of Zone objects. A Zone has valid  EdgeServers if there are any EdgeServers in that Zone. NOTE: The presence of the edge server record is dependent on the edge server data being returned from Citrix Cloud with sufficient/correct data such as the presence of a SID value for the edge server.
        • Edge servers that do not have known SID values or cannot determine the  AD domains could be possibly seen as ‘invalid’.
        • 2. How do I fix an invalid edge server?
        • See response to #1.
        • 3. What makes a zone healthy?
        • A Zone is considered healthy if any of the EdgeServers in that Zone are healthy (i.e., not in LHC outage mode).
        • 4. What is an unhealthy Zone?
        • A Zone is considered unhealthy if all of the EdgeServers in that Zone are unhealthy (i.e., in LHC outage mode).
        • 5. How do I fix an unhealthy Zone?
        • Once an EdgeServer comes out of LHC outage mode, the Zone’s  “IsHealthy” property should change to “true”.
        • LHC is designed to operate automatically, without the need for admin intervention. If a Zone’s “IsHealthy” property is “false” for an extended period of time, you can check whether there are any ongoing networking issues and/or reach out to Citrix customer support.
        • End of Information from Citrix.
      • Added two more settings configurable by Set-BrokerServiceConfigurationData
        • Core.AssignmentPolicyMaxDesktops
          • Type: int
          • Default: 5
          • Info: Minimum=1, Maximum=100
          • Summary: The maximum value accepted for the MaxDesktops parameter of the New/Set-BrokerAssignmentPolicyRule cmdlets. This is limited here because enumeration creates MaxDesktops AOFU resources – which if inadvertently set to a very large value impacts enumeration performance and also consumes large amounts of memory.
      • Core.SetSiteDataPeriodSecs
        • Type: int
        • Default: 600
        • Info: Seconds, Minimum=30
        • Summary: The period in seconds for polling for updates to the site data.
      • Lhc.OutageSummaryEventIntervalSecs
        • Type: int
        • Default: 120
        • Info: Seconds Minimum=60
        • Summary: The interval at which LHC would refresh the outage summary event.
      • LhcState.PeerStatus
        • Type: string
        • Default:
        • Info:
        • Summary: The status information of peers participating in election process.
    • In Function OutputMachines, for ProvisioningType -eq “MCS” added:
      • Device Management Type – This can be Intune, IntuneWithCitrixTags, or None
      • Identity Type – This can be ActiveDirectory, AzureAD, HybridAzureAD, or  Workgroup
      • Master Image VM Date – The date and time when the VM snapshot copy used  by the provisioning scheme was made
      • MDM Enrollment – This can be Intune, IntuneWithCitrixTags, or None
      • Prepared Image Definition Name – The name for the image definition used for  the provisioning scheme
      • Prepared Image Version Number – The version number for the image version  used for the provisioning scheme
      • Windows Activation Type – Windows Activation Type set on the Master Image  which has a mapping with the Provisioning Scheme
    • In Function OutputMachines:
      • Made the code consistent between the Daas and CVAD scripts
      • Added missing fields that were in one script but not the other
      • Added the Machine data metadatamap keys output that was in the Word  output but not in the Text and HTML output
      • Added Custom Properties For VMware
        • FolderId
      • Renamed “Master VM” to “Master Image VM”
    • Removed the IncludeVMImageHistory parameter as it wasn’t used
    • Renamed Computer policy
      • VDA Data Collection\VDA data collection for Performance Analytics to VDA  Data Collection\VDA data collection for Analytics
    • Tested with Group Policy Module 2305 dated May 31, 2023
    • Tested with PoSH SDK dated May 18, 2023
    • Updated for 7.38

    You can always find the most current script by going to



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