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  • Citrix NetScaler Documentation Script Version 2.60 BETA

    August 28, 2018

    NetScaler, PowerShell

    Lots of people have requested this script, so I figured I could save myself a lot of emails by putting the script here. There is obviously still a lot of interest in a script for offline processing of NetScaler data.

    This is a BETA version of 2.60. It is a copy of 2.50 that reads the ns.conf file. The following changes were made from 2.50.

    • Added -Dev and -ScriptInfo parameters
    • Added Chinese language support
    • Added four new Cover Page properties
      • Company Address
      • Company Email
      • Company Fax
      • Company Phone
    • Added Function sendemail
    • Added Log switch to create a transcript log
      • Added function TranscriptLogging
    • Fixed uninitialized variable for Admin Partitions
    • Fixed French wording for Table of Contents 2 (Thanks to David Rouquier)
    • Removed Hardware code as it is not needed for NetScaler
    • Removed HTML and Text code as they are not used
    • Removed code that made sure all Parameters were set to default values if for some reason they did exist or values were $Null
    • Removed ComputerName code as it is not needed for NetScaler
    • Reordered the parameters in the help text and parameter list so they match and are grouped better
    • Replaced _SetDocumentProperty function with Jim Moyle’s Set-
    • DocumentProperty function
    • Updated Function ProcessScriptEnd for the new Cover Page properties, and Dev, ScriptInfo, Log Parameters
    • Updated Function ShowScriptOptions for the new Cover Page properties, and Dev, ScriptInfo, Log Parameters
    • Updated Function UpdateDocumentProperties for the new Cover Page properties and Parameters
    • Updated Help Text
    • Updated script to support Word 2016 but doing so removes support for Word 2007

    Essentially, the script was brought current with the changes in all the other documentation scripts.

    Other than fixing the missing variable for Admin Partitions, NOTHING HAS BEEN CHANGED IN THE FUNCTION OF THIS SCRIPT FROM 2.50. That means, the script still does not support anything added to any NetScaler firmware since 10.1.

    If you are running a NetScaler version LATER than 10.1, you will NOT see any new features documented because the code has not been updated for ANY new Netcaler features.

    The script is on GitHub. If you want to update the script to handle any new features, PLEASE DO SO. I can barely spell NetScaler, so don’t look to me to make any updates to this script.




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    Carl Webster is an independent consultant specializing in Citrix, Active Directory, and technical documentation. Carl (aka “Webster”) serves the broader Citrix community by writing articles (see and by being the most active person in the Citrix Zone on Experts Exchange. Webster has a long history in the IT industry beginning with mainframes in 1977, PCs and application development in 1986, and network engineering in 2001. He has worked with Citrix products since 1990 with the premiere of their first product – the MULTIUSER OS/2.

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