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  • VMware vCenter Documentation Script Update Version 1.92

    September 11, 2021

    PowerShell, VMware

    Version 1.92 21-Sep-2021

    • Added a message at the end of the script stating if the disconnection from the vCenter server was successful or not
    • Added array error checking for non-empty arrays before attempting to create the Word table for most Word tables
    • Added color $wdColorWhite for Function SetWordCellFormat
    • Added Function OutputReportFooter
    • Added in missing function BuildMultiColumnTable
    • Added Parameter ReportFooter
      • Outputs a footer section at the end of the report.
      • Report Footer
        • Report information:
          • Created with: <Script Name> – Release Date: <Script Release Date>
          • Script version: <Script Version>
          • Started on <Date Time in Local Format>
          • Elapsed time: nn days, nn hours, nn minutes, nn.nn seconds
          • Ran from domain <Domain Name> by user <Username>
          • Ran from the folder <Folder Name>
    • Changed all Write-Verbose $(Get-Date) to add -Format G to put the dates in the user’s locale – recommended by Guy Leech
    • Fixed incorrect host variable name in Function OutputVirtualMachines
    • Fixed issues with Functions ProcessOpticalIssues and OutputOpticalIssues
      • These functions now work and report accurate data
      • Fixed to allow handling multiple CD/DVD drives per VM
    • General code cleanup
    • In Function OutputDatastores
      • Fixed handling of NFS datastores
      • Fixed handling of NFS datastores with multiple NFS Servers
      • If the SIOC Threshold is null, don’t output a blank line with only ” ms”
    • In Function OutputVirtualMachines
      • Removed Description
      • Always output Notes
      • Update variable name for VM Hardware Version
      • Fixed Network Adapters to use the new cmdlet Get-NetworkAdapter
      • Fixed Hard Disk to use the new cmdlet Get-HardDisk
      • Fixed VM has Snapshots to use the new cmdlet Get-Snapshot
      • Fixed text output
    • In Function OutputVMPortGroups fixed several variable name typos
    • In Functions OutputVMPortGroups and OutputVMKPorts fixed the handling of the property VLanId when it didn’t exist
    • Reordered the parameters in an order recommended by Guy Leech
    • Tested with vCenter 7.0 U2 and PowerCLI 12.3 and 12.4
    • Updated Function SetWordCellFormat to latest version
    • Updated Functions SaveandCloseTextDocument and SaveandCloseHTMLDocument to add a “Report Complete” line
    • Updated Functions ShowScriptOptions and ProcessScriptEnd to add $ReportFooter
    • Updated the help text
    • Updated the ReadMe file
    • When using Export, the Export folder honors the path specified if you use the Folder parameter
    • When using Export, the script no longer processes building output at the end of the script for output formats since they were all set to False

    Thanks to fellow CTP Thomas Krampe for the push to add the report footer.

    Thanks to David McSpadden, David Prows, and fellow CTP Bart Jacobs for all the testing.

    If you have questions or issues, please email me. webster at carlwebster dot com.

    You can always find the most current script by going to



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