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  • Another HRP, another picadm.sys bug?

    August 31, 2015

    Receiver, XenApp, XenApp 6.5

    Picadm.sys you say?

    A few years back I already wrote about picadm.sys issues:

    Citrix has been updating picadm.sys numerous times since then, and also did in the latest release: HRP06. And before that in XA650R05W2K8R2X64015 too.

    However, it seems that XA650R05W2K8R2X64015 introduced a new(?) bug, that was also present in HRP06. That’s actually quite logical as HRP06 supersedes XA650R05W2K8R2X64015, so XA650R05W2K8R2X64015 is included in HRP06.

    Just try this PowerShell oneliner in a XenApp session with client drives enabled and see for yourself:

    get-process | out-file -filepath “\\client\c$\temp\proclist3.txt” -Append

    Obviously, you need to have a c:\temp folder for this to work.

    The first time you run this, a file will be created.

    When running this a second the time you will find that the file on your c:\temp is not updated. Most of the time it will also throw an error: Out-File : The handle is invalid.

    The HRP06 version throws an error but XA650R05W2K8R2X64015 just does “nothing”.

    Uninstalling XA650R05W2K8R2X64015 resolves the problem, I have not yet uninstalled HRP06 yet.

    So… what’s next? I didn’t recommend installing HRP06 yet anyway, you should wait for XA650R06W2K8R2X64001, which contains the fix for rpm.dll crashes.

    But in the meantime, I’ve opend yet another Citrix Support Case on picadm.sys. Let’s hope it gets resolved faster now…


    Bart Jacobs

    About Bart Jacobs

    Bart Jacobs is a Senior System Engineer/Consultant based in Belgium. He started his career back in 1998. One of the first projects he worked on in those days was Citrix Metaframe 1.8 on Microsoft Windows NT 4 Terminal Server codename "Hydra". Over the years, Citrix technology has always been a major theme in his professional career, resulting in becoming a true technical expert in the matter. In the last few years, he has also become an expert in virtualization technology, with a special interest in a real challenger in this business: Citrix XenServer. Bart has founded his own company BJ IT back in 2007 and is mainly working as a (Citrix) consultant now. In 2019, Bart received his Citrix CTA award.

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    3 Responses to “Another HRP, another picadm.sys bug?”

    1. Chad Kitching Says:

      For anyone reading this, this has been fixed in XA650R06W2K8R2X64017


    2. Nathan Says:

      FYI Hotfix XA650R06W2K8R2X64001 has been released here: as of 9/1.


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