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  • Citrix Cloud (DaaS) Documentation Script V1.18

    June 27, 2022

    Citrix Cloud, PowerShell

    Version 1.18 27-Jun-2022

    • Adding the missing $Script:Title variable if -Section Logging was selected
    • Additional Word/PDF output cleanup
    • Change almost every “Administrator” related table to a smaller font for  Word/PDF output
      • Some of the new default names are very long and caused a few tables to go off the right side of the page 
    • For Machine Catalogs, add the Folder Name. This meant I had to change several cmdlets to use the CatalogName property and a couple to use Name instead of CatalogName. The Name property, in my testing, has the new folder name prepended to it
    • General code cleanup
    • In Function GetRolePermissions:
      • Added new permissions
        • AppGroupApplications_CreateFolder
        • AppGroupApplications_EditFolder
        • AppGroupApplications_MoveFolder
        • AppGroupApplications_RemoveFolder
        • ApplicationGroup_CreateFolder
        • ApplicationGroup_EditFolder
        • ApplicationGroup_MoveFolder
        • ApplicationGroup_RemoveFolder
        • AppLib_RemoveAppVServer
        • C365_EA_Acct
        • C365_EA_Broker
        • C365_EA_Hyp
        • C365_EA_Prov
    • In Function OutputMachine, add the Additional Data as discussed in the June 2022 What’s New 
    • In Function OutputMachineDetails:
      • Added two parameters to help support VDAUpgrade
      • Added VDA Upgrade section
    • The June 2022 update to Citrix Cloud added support for single-session restart  schedules
    • Updated the catalog’s custom properties for the Provisioning Scheme
      • These are the new custom properties documented at
        • New Custom Properties For Azure
          • EnableIntuneEnroll
          • InitialPageFileSizeInMB
          • MaxPageFileSizeInMB
          • PageFileDiskDriveLetter
          • StorageType
          • UseTempDiskForWBC
        • New Custom Properties For Gcp
          • IdentityDiskStorageType
          • PersistOsDisk
          • PersistWBC
          • StorageType
          • WBCDiskStorageType
    • Updated the ReadMe file
    • When checking for VDA Upgrade capability, add testing for MCS catalogs
      • Citrix added support for MCS catalogs in the June 2022 update
      • Extended support for VDA upgrade. Using the Full Configuration interface, you can now upgrade MCS-provisioned persistent machines. You can upgrade them on a per-catalog or a per-machine basis.
      • Added a per-machine VDA Upgrade section for eligible machines

    You can always find the most current script by going to



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    Carl Webster is an independent consultant specializing in Citrix, Active Directory, and technical documentation. Carl (aka “Webster”) serves the broader Citrix community by writing articles (see and by being the most active person in the Citrix Zone on Experts Exchange. Webster has a long history in the IT industry beginning with mainframes in 1977, PCs and application development in 1986, and network engineering in 2001. He has worked with Citrix products since 1990 with the premiere of their first product – the MULTIUSER OS/2.

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    2 Responses to “Citrix Cloud (DaaS) Documentation Script V1.18”

    1. Seabron Wilson Says:

      Do you have an alternative location to download the scripts? It looks like you are using some type of online storage service to store the downloads and my company blocks access to them. Is there an FTP site or something that you allow downloads from?


      • Carl Webster Says:

        I use ShareFile and Dropbox, which most companies block both. I’ll email you a copy of the zip file, which I hope your mail system doesn’t strip or alter the contents.



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