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  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Documentation Script V3.26

    While working on an update to the Citrix Cloud documentation script, with the help of sample reports from fellow CTP Arnaud Pain, I was able to find and fix numerous issues in the script. I backported the fixes relevant to on-premises CVAD to this script.

    Version 3.26 13-Apr-2021

    • Changed $Application.IconFromClient to $Application.IconFromClient.ToString()
    • Changed how the Session Recording Status was obtained
    • Fixed three typos of “Unabled” to “Unable”
    • For the following three Delivery Group properties, if there is no data or value, use “-” to match all the other empty values
      • All connections not through NetScaler Gateway
      • Connections through NetScaler Gateway
      • Restrict to tag
    • In Machine details added
      • Draining Until Shutdown (Multi-session only)
      • Last Connection Failure reason
        • “None” = “None”
        • “SessionPreparation” = “Session preparation”
        • “RegistrationTimeout” = “Registration timeout”
        • “ConnectionTimeout” = “Connection Timeout”
        • “Licensing” = “Licensing”
        • “Ticketing” = “Ticketing”
        • “Other” = “Other”
      • Maintenance Mode reason
        • “Administrator” = “Machine was manually placed in maintenance mode by an administrator”
        • “MaxFailedRegistrations” = “Machine was automatically placed in maintenance mode due to reaching the maximum failed registration limit”
        • “None” = “Machine is not in maintenance mode”
      • Will Shutdown After Use reason
        • “None” = “Machine will not shutdown after use”
        • “ResetDiskImage” = “Machine will shutdown after use to reset its disk image”
        • “ScheduledNaturalReboot” = “Machine will shutdown after use as part of the scheduled natural reboot process”
        • “OnDemandNaturalReboot” = “Machine will shutdown after use as part of an on-demand natural reboot process”
    • In Machine Details, for MCS catalogs, if the Provisioning Scheme doesn’t exist, set the $MasterVM variable to “Unable to retrieve details”
    • To get the Master VM for an Azure Catalog, add searching for “.manageddisk”
      • Also added “.snapshot” which was found in customer data
    • Updated the text explanations for:
      • Machine Fault State
        • “None” = “No fault; machine is healthy”
        • “FailedToStart” = “Last power-on operation for machine failed”
        • “StuckOnBoot” = “Machine does not seem to have booted following power on”
        • “Unregistered” = “Machine has failed to register within expected period, or its registration has been rejected”
        • “MaxCapacity” = “Machine is reporting itself at maximum capacity”
      • Machine Scheduled Reboot
        • “None” = “No reboot is scheduled”
        • “Pending” = “Machine is awaiting reboot but is available for us”
        • “Draining” = “Machine is awaiting reboot and is unavailable for new sessions; reconnections to existing connections are still allowed, however”
        • “InProgress” = “Machine is actively undergoing a scheduled reboot”
        • “Natural” = “Natural reboot in progress. Machine is awaiting a restart”
    • When testing a session for Session Recording status, add a test for $null -ne $results

    You can always find the most current script by going to



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