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  • Parallels Remote Application Server Documentation Script 2.00

    April 20, 2021

    Parallels, PowerShell

    Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) Version 18 is an amazing product. It has an abundance of capabilities, features, options, and numerous enhancements from V17.  One of the nice things about the Parallels RAS product team is that they not only listen to their community, but they actually hear and understand what the community is telling them.

    That listening to the community is what made creating the V2.00 documentation script take so long. The RAS team reworked their PowerShell module and cmdlets to fix a lot of issues that people like Guy Leech and me brought to them. They also added many community requested features and made numerous changes to the RAS Management Console to make a more consistent admin experience.

    I love working with the RAS product team because I can see changes and fixes I requested made it into the product.

    Note: The V1 script is for RAS V17 and the V2 script is for RAS V18.

    Version 2.00 20-Apr-2021

    • Added 59 RDS Agent States
    • Added a message to the error message for the missing RAS module
      • Added a link to the V2 ReadMe file
    • Added a parameter, RASSite, allowing the report to contain data for the  specified Site
    • Added additional Notification handlers types
    • Added FSLogix to Farm/Site/Settings/Features
    • Added Function GetFarmSites
    • Added the missing License section for published RDSH applications to Text  and HTML output
    • Added to Universal Printing/Printer drivers, “Settings are replicated to all  Sites”
    • Added UPD and FSLogix to the User Profile tab for both RD Session Hosts and  RD Session Hosts/Groups
    • Added VDI Pool Member type of “ALLGUESTSONPROVIDER”
    • Added WVD Apps and Desktops to Publishing
    • Changed $DesktopSize to use the new values of the DesktopSize property
      • Removed the property UseAvailableArea as it no longer exists
    • Changed all RAS cmdlet names to use the new naming scheme Get-RAS*
    • Changed all Write-Verbose statements from Get-Date to Get-Date -Format G  as requested by Guy Leech
    • Changed Get-RASVDIHost to the new Get-RASProvider
    • Changed Get-RASVDIHostStatus to the new Get-RASProviderStatus
    • Changed PoSH module from PSAdmin to RASAdmin
    • Changed some Write-Warnings to Write-Host as they are not warnings
      • Reformat most of the Write-Host statements to make the console output look  better
    • Changed the font size of Word/PDF tables from 11 to 10 to prevent most word  wrapping to multiple lines
    • Changed the RDS User Profile Technology to one line instead of two
    • Changed the variable $MasterPublishingAgent to $PrimaryPublishingAgent
      • Changed the matching column headings from Master Publishing Agent to  Primary Publishing Agent
    • Changed TWAIN and WIA state from “Unable to retrieve ___ Scanning information” to $False if unable to retrieve data or retrieved no data
    • Fixed several alignment issues in the text output
    • Fixed several formatting issues with the HTML and Word/PDF output
    • Fixed several invalid $Null comparisons
    • For RD Session Hosts, Agent settings, add the option Enable drive redirection  cache
    • For replicating settings, standardized on the wording “Settings are replicated  to all Sites” followed by True or False
    • In the Administration section, add the following:
      • Accounts, Receive system notifications
      • Settings, Miscellaneous, Reset idle RAS Console session after
    • In the Connection section, add the following:
      • Allowed devices, headings for Secure Access and Device Access
      • Allowed devices, Allow only clients with the latest security patches
      • Allowed devices, Device Access, Mode text label
    • In the Filters section, reformatted the output to make it more readable (at  least to me)
    • In the Load Balancing section added CPU Optimization
    • Moved Notification from Administration to Site Settings
    • Removed all content
    • Removed Function ProcessSites
    • Removed MaxGuests from Provider/Agent Settings
    • Removed property EnableCPULB from Load Balancing section
    • Removed UPD settings from RD Session Hosts properties and Groups  properties
    • Reorder Parameters in an order recommended by Guy Leech
    • Reworked how the script processed a Farm with multiple Sites
      • For most of the Get-RAS* cmdlets, where needed, added the -Site parameter
    • Updated Function SetWordCellFormat to the latest version
    • Updated the Allowed authentication types to the new text in the console and  handled multiple selections
    • Updated the help text
    • Updated the ReadMe file
    • When retrieving data for Gateways, set variables to values specifying if the  Gateway data could not be retrieved or found no Gateway data
    • When using the output from Get-RASVDITemplate, change VDIHostId to  ProviderId
    • With the addition of the “Last modification by”, “Modified on”, “Created by”,  and “Created on” properties to the PowerShell cmdlets, add those four  properties to the relevant report sections

    You can always find the most current script by going to



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