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  • VMware vCenter Documentation Script Update Version 1.90

    January 8, 2020

    PowerShell, VMware

    #Version 1.9 8-Jan-2020

    • Added Function TextHeatMap
    • Added missing HTML and Text output and fix text output in all Process and Output functions
    • Added missing Word/PDF data to all Process and Output functions
    • Added more Write-Verbose statements
    • Changed numerous $var -eq or -ne $Null to $Null -eq or -ne $var
    • Fixed Swedish Table of Contents (Thanks to Johan Kallio)
      • From
        • ‘sv-‘ { ‘Automatisk innehållsförteckning2’; Break }
      • To
        • ‘sv-‘ { ‘Automatisk innehållsförteckn2’; Break }
    • Fixed missing Title variable not showing in Function ShowScriptOptions
    • Fixed Chart option so Charts are now added to the Word/PDF output
    • For Function OutputVirtualMachines:
      • Renamed Guest Tools Status to Guest State (shows whether the Guest is Running or NotRunning)
      • Added Guest Tools Status (shows toolsRunning or toolsNotRunning)
      • Added Guest IP Address if the Guest State is Running
      • Added Guest Tools Version
    • For the vCenter Summary heat map, thanks to Guy Leech, the heat maps now support EMEA numbers
    • General code cleanup
    • If the Chart option is used, verify that MSWord or PDF is also used,
    • If HTML or Text is used, set Chart to False.
    • In Function ProcessvCenter, before trying to check the registry on the vCenter server, test if the vCenter server is running Windows (Thanks to Will Fulmer for the help)
    • In the output for VMKernel ports, fix the output for Parent vSwitch
    • Tested with vCenter 6.7 U3 and PowerCLI 11.5
    • Updated Function CheckWordPrereq to match the other documentation scripts
    • Updated Function VISetup to remove most PowerCLI cmdlet loading verbose output
    • Updated help text
    • When using the Chart parameter, verify the various StatTypes are available before trying to use them to prevent the script from throwing red error messages
    Figure 1
    Figure 1

    You can always find the most current script by going to


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    Carl Webster is an independent consultant specializing in Citrix, Active Directory, and technical documentation. Carl (aka “Webster”) serves the broader Citrix community by writing articles (see and by being the most active person in the Citrix Zone on Experts Exchange. Webster has a long history in the IT industry beginning with mainframes in 1977, PCs and application development in 1986, and network engineering in 2001. He has worked with Citrix products since 1990 with the premiere of their first product – the MULTIUSER OS/2.

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    2 Responses to “VMware vCenter Documentation Script Update Version 1.90”

    1. Randy Colvin Says:

      Hi Carl,

      I tried running VMware vCenter Documentation Script Update Version 1.90 but it ended in an error.
      the command line I uses was .\VMware_Inventory_1_9_Signed.ps1 -CompanyName “My Sevret Company Name” -CoverPage “Mod” -UserName “Randy Colvin” -Full -AddDateTime -VIServerName LLC1CCVVC02.CORP.LCL

      the script imported a ton of modules, Prompted me for vCenter credentials but failed with the message:
      VERBOSE: 02/12/2020 08:28:32: Setting PowerCLI global Configuration
      VERBOSE: 02/12/2020 08:28:32: Connecting to VIServer: LLC1CCVVC02.CORP.LCL
      Connecting to vCenter failed with the following error: d: ‘Void VMware.Binding.Sts.VmwareSecruityTokenService..ctor(System.Uri)’. This script will now exit.
      PS C:\PowershellScripts>

      I am running Power CLI 6.5

      Any Ideas what the problems is?


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