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  • Citrix Cloud Documentation Script V1.14

    July 29, 2021

    Citrix Cloud, PowerShell

    Version 1.14 29-Jul-2021

    • Added Computer policy
      • ICA\Multi-Stream Connections\Multi-Port Policy
      • Profile Management\Advanced settings\Enable credential-based access to user stores
      • Profile Management\Advanced settings\Replicate user stores – Paths to replicate a user store
      • Profile Management\File system\Large File Handling List – Files to be created as symbolic links
      • Profile Management\File system\Synchronization\Accelerate folder mirroring
      • Profile Management\Profile container settings\Enable local caching for profile containers
      • Profile Management\Profile container settings\Folders to exclude in profile container
      • Profile Management\Profile container settings\Folders to include in profile container
      • VDA Data Collection\VDA data collection for Performance Analytics
    • Added to Delivery Group details, “Allow session reconnect in maintenance mode”
    • Added User policy
      • ICA\Browser Content Redirection\Allow Bidirectional Content Redirection
      • ICA\Browser Content Redirection\Allowed URLs to be redirected to Client
      • ICA\Browser Content Redirection\Allowed URLs to be redirected to VDA
      • ICA\Desktop launches
      • ICA\Graphics\Graphic status indicator
    • Changed the array built for the User policy setting ICA\Printing\Universal Printing\Universal printing optimization defaults from splitting on “,” to splitting on “;”
    • Changed the processing for the following policy settings. When they are Disabled in the console, the State value is still Enabled. If the State property is Enabled and the Value property is “”, then show the policy setting as disabled.
      • ICA\Rendezvous proxy configuration
      • Profile Management\Basic settings\Migrate user store
      • Profile Management\Basic settings\Path to user store
      • Profile Management\Cross-Platform settings\Path to cross-platform definitions
      • Profile Management\Cross-Platform settings\Path to cross-platform settings store
      • Profile Management\Log settings\Path to log file
      • Profile Management\Profile handling\Path to the template profile
      • Profile Management\Citrix Virtual Apps Optimization settings\Path to Citrix Virtual Apps optimization definitions:
      • ICA\Multimedia\Browser Content Redirection Proxy Configuration
      • Profile Management\Folder Redirection\AppData(Roaming)\AppData(Roaming) path
      • Profile Management\Folder Redirection\Contacts\Contacts path
      • Profile Management\Folder Redirection\Desktop\Desktop path
      • Profile Management\Folder Redirection\Documents\Documents path
      • Profile Management\Folder Redirection\Downloads\Downloads path
      • Profile Management\Folder Redirection\Favorites\Favorites path
      • Profile Management\Folder Redirection\Links\Links path
      • Profile Management\Folder Redirection\Music\Music path
      • Profile Management\Folder Redirection\Pictures\Pictures path
      • Profile Management\Folder Redirection\Saved Games\Saved Games path
      • Profile Management\Folder Redirection\Searches\Searches path
      • Profile Management\Folder Redirection\Start Menu\Start Menu path
      • Profile Management\Folder Redirection\Videos\Videos path
    • Changed the way the array was built and processed for ICA\Multi-Stream Connections\Multi-Port Policy\CGP default port and CGP default port priority
    • Cleaned up text output for policy settings
    • Fixed numerous typos in Switch statements for policy settings
    • Fixed wrong variable name used to create array for Virtual Delivery Agent Settings\Monitoring\List of applications excluded from failure monitoring
    • For Computer policy setting ICA\Keyboard and IME\Client keyboard layout synchronization and IME improvement, add Disabled option to Switch statement
    • Renamed Computer policy
      • ICA\Local App Access\URL redirection blacklist to ICA\Local App Access\URL redirection black list
      • ICA\WebSockets\WebSocket connections to ICA\WebSockets\WebSockets connections
    • Update the Site version Switch statement for version 7.28/2012, 7.29/2103, and 7.30/2106

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