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  • Parallels Remote Application Server Documentation Script 2.50

    August 12, 2021

    Parallels, PowerShell

    I believe I have documented everything I can find or figure out how to find using the Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) Version 18.1 PowerShell implementation.  It took me 15 days to update the 2.10 script based on RAS 18.0 to 2.50 and handle all the updates and additions to the 18.1 PowerShell. As I hope you can tell from the Change Log, there are a LOT of changes from the 2.10 script to the 2.50 script. 2.50 has 7,000 more lines of PowerShell than 2.10.

    Note: The V1 script is for RAS V17 and the V2 script is for RAS V18.0.

    A HUGE Thank You to fellow CTP and VIPP Guy Leech for his immeasurable help (and bad jokes).

    Version 2.50 12-Aug-2021

    • Added a version test so the script only works with RAS 18.1
    • Added documenting (my best attempt) an Azure provider connection
    • Added Certificates
      • Alternate Names
      • General
        • Alternate Names
    • Added Policies summary
    • Added Policy Properties (took five days for this one section)
      • Policy
      • Policy/Criteria
      • Session
      • Session/Connection
      • Session/Connection/Primary connection
      • Session/Connection/Secondary connections
      • Session/Connection/Reconnection
      • Session/Connection/Computer name
      • Session/Connection/Advanced settings
      • Session/Connection/Web authentication
      • Session/Connection/Multifactor authentication
      • Session/Connection/Session prelaunch
      • Session/Connection/Local proxy address
      • Session/Display
      • Session/Display/Settings
      • Session/Display/Multi-monitor
      • Session/Display/Published applications
      • Session/Display/Desktop options
      • Session/Display/Browser
      • Session/Printing
      • Session/Scanning
      • Session/Audio
      • Session/Keyboard
      • Session/Local devices and resources
      • Session/Local devices and resources/Clipboard
      • Session/Local devices and resources/Disk drives
      • Session/Local devices and resources/Devices
      • Session/Local devices and resources/Video capture devices (not in PowerShell yet)
      • Session/Local devices and resources/Ports
      • Session/Local devices and resources/Smart cards
      • Session/Local devices and resources/Windows touch input
      • Session/Local devices and resources/File transfer
      • Session/Experience
      • Session/Experience/Performance
      • Session/Experience/Compression
      • Session/Network
      • Session/Server authentication
      • Session/Advanced settings
      • Client options
      • Client options/Connection
      • Client options/Logging
      • Client options/Update
      • Client options/PC keyboard
      • Client options/Single Sign-On
      • Client options/Advanced
      • Client options/Advanced/Global
      • Client options/Advanced/Language
      • Client options/Advanced/Printing
      • Client options/Advanced/Windows client
      • Client options/Advanced/RemoteFX USB redirection
      • Control settings
      • Control settings/Connections
      • Control settings/Password
      • Control settings/Import and export
      • Redirection
    • Added Reporting
      • RAS reporting configuration
        • Session information
        • Server counters information
        • Custom reports
      • RAS Performance Monitor configuration
    • Added Themes
      • General
      • Messages
      • HTML5 client/Branding
      • HTML5 client/Language bar
      • HTML5 client/Messages
      • HTML5 client/Gateway
      • HTML5 client/Legal policies
      • Windows client/Branding
      • Windows client/Messages
      • Windows client/Custom menu
    • Added to Connection/Multi-factor authentication:
      • Enable MFA for all users except
      • Disable MFA for all users except
      • User or group list
      • Updated all items and text to match the console (a lot of work)
      • Added for Azure RADIUS, Duo RADIUS, FortiAuthenticator RADIUS, TekRADIUS, and RADIUS
        • Connection
        • Attributes
        • Automation
      • Added DeepNet Provider
        • Connection
        • Application
        • Authentication
      • Added SafeNet Provider
        • Connection
        • Authentication
      • Added Google Authenticator
        • General
    • Added to Gateway and Gateway Default Settings:
      • HTML5/Allow cross-origin resource sharing
        • Domains for cross-origin resource sharing
        • Browser cache time in months
      • HTML5/Clipboard redirection
      • HTML5/File Transfer Direction
      • HTML5/Use ciphers according to server preference
      • Wyse/Do not warn if server certificate is not verified
    • Added to Provider/Agent settings Drag and drop
    • Added to Published Items their Status
      • Disabled
      • Enabled
      • In maintenance
    • Added to RD Session Host, RD Session Host Groups, Provider, and Default Site Settings:
      • Agent settings/File Transfer Direction
      • Agent settings/File Transfer Location
      • Agent settings/File Transfer Do not allow to change location
    • Change the wording in Connection/Authentication and Multi-factor authentication to match the console
    • Fixed a lot of HTML and text formatting issues
    • In Certificates/General, moved Expiration date to before Common name
    • In Published Resources, only show Associated File Extensions if the EnableFileExtensions property is True. If you add file extensions and later disable file extensions, the extensions previously entered are still there
    • Renamed in Gateway/SSL/TLS/HSTS settings “Max-age” to “Browse cache time in months”
    • Renamed in RDS Host/Agent, RDS Group/Agent, and Provider/Agent settings:
    • “Support Shell URL namespace objects” to “Support Windows Shell URL namespace objects”
    • Removed the Restrictions label from Gateways/HTML5 as it is no longer in the console
    • Updated Function GetVDIType with Hypervisor data for ESXi 7.0 and vCenter 7.0
    • Updated the Help text
    • Updated the ReadMe file

    You can always find the most current script by going to



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